Aug 25, 2008

Continuing Education

I'm trying to become less "technologically challenged" and perhaps will even reach the point of becoming proficient. Click the triangle to see a short slideshow. Clicking on the lower left corner will take you to see lots of other slideshows.

My objectives are to "embed" some slide shows for you to visit that don't force you to look at them if you are busy.

I also trying to learn how to download full-sized books that I can read at my leisure. Hopefully, this post won't become too complicated.

Over on the right are easy links to important documents that I refer to so much that you may enjoy not having to look them up. I didn't include the Bible, but you probably already have one. If you really want the "whole truth" about how 25% of the other folks in the world think, I also recommend the Koran(Queran?). Create your own spin!


Molli Weide said...

Got a chuckle out of lawn mowing...reminds me of my old push rotary.

el grillo said...

There are almost no plots of "grass" as we know it. The photo is of a worker in the Wilson Botanical Garden using a Weed Whacker to control very coarse vegetation that is more of a ground cover. Notice the protective clothing. Hitting the uneven ground is a frequent hazard.