Dec 15, 2009

Winter 2009- 2010

We have been here in Costa Rica since November 16, and have been working on details of construction like kitchen cupboards and painting. We expect visitors this weekend and will take the bus to San Jose to meet them at the airport. From there we will be going to the beach at Manuel Antonio National Park and then returning to Bello Oriente with them to enjoy our part of the country in the mountains.

Christmas here is an affair that begins 21 Deciembre and is celebrated until 4 Enero, with music, dancing, special foods, fireworks, and events in the ¨Salon de Toros¨that are appropriate adaptations of bull-fighting and rodeo events for a country that does not find violence attractive.

I have volunteered to help with the festivities, and look forward to the night when pretty girls in miniskirts get in to all events free.