Nov 3, 2011

Winter is coming, again.

We will leave again for Bello Oriente, Costa Rica on November 15. It has been another fun summer with our family. William Thomas Hoisington XIII (our 13th grandchild) is not a baby anymore.
The motorcycle will soon be mine. I built a "for sale" sign for the house that should stand for 3-5 years while people realize its value. Caught a few bluegills and ate them.
Most importantly, the book "Mas Alla del Compost" made it to Amazon, and we visited Mark and Melissa Sisson in Cadillac(MI) who own Michigan Biochar. Biochar has become a new passion.
It seems like we live two years for every one year that passes. It will be a pleasure to leave the USA with its extravagance and return to the simplicity of rural Costa Rica, but we are spoiled enough to enjoy returning to the conveniences of complexity in May.