May 12, 2008

We're back!

Having run out of time and money at the same time, the house has now been closed up with shutters and doors. We have returned to Hastings and a full schedule of birthday celebrations and visits with grandchildren. After six months of building the new house with a fantastic crew of six neighbors who spoke no English I have gained a vocabulary of construction terminology, a tenuous grasp of metric measurements, and an appreciation of techniques used where labor is not expensive.


agnosticrat said...

Welcome back

el grillo said...

Thanks. Since the sun sets at about 6:30 every night it would be nice to go online and learn things until I doze off.
My cheap option is to save stuff for later reading when I visit the city.
The library at CoopaPueblo in Coopa Buena has many interesting books that English visitors have donated, also.

el colibri said...

el Grillo: Your tree top home in CR looks very interesting..... just a little curious though about getting from one level to another. I presume you use stairs or perhaps a ladder. Would you have any use for wind or solar power? What about water?
In Oaxaca MX they have a fairly good sized library of English books. It was fun sorting through their collection. These were mostly donated by ex-pats. Living in a different culture is very interesting and great fun. It also rearranges your perspective on life and your value system. I envy you.

el grillo said...

In the photo, the left-hand roof that appears to be lower covers an exterior stairway with four landings. The architectural style might be described as "Industrial". The hand
railings are welded of chain-link fence 2" pipe. The areas beneath the rails is my own design of rerod and chain-link fabric (painted red and yellow, very happy). Perhaps you can click on the photo for a closer look.
There is still much finish work to be done, and eventually I would like to include solar across the southern edge of the balcony. Water and electricity are so cheap that other things have a higher priority.

The Rougman said...

Very interesting stuff.

Living the dream, indeed!