Jan 11, 2011

International GeoGrandpa

I have been publishing a weekly photojournal from Costa Rica, which included some abrasive political views and a wandering style, and have made a decision to reform myself. Starting now, the journal will attempt to have fewer words, more pictures, and hopefully three of my grand-daughters will help to make it interesting to people who read at the 8th grade level, more or less. I have the encouragement of some of my adult kids.

This is going to be difficult for me, but it will force me to become a better person.

I have been accused of promoting Costa Rica as a paradise, but I would encourage you to consider a retirement destination in one of the 14 countries that have absolutely no standing military, as we have, at least for a winter haven. The link on the side will give you some possible places where violence is not the first resort for resolving conflicts. If you are one of the 10,000 per day retiring baby boomers consider these Western Hemisphere places:
St. Lucia
St. Vincent
the Grenadines
and perhaps; Haiti
or, even:
Belize or Honduras
Nobody spends more money on military solutions and violence than the USA!