Jul 27, 2013

Summer, 2013

Somehow I feel that I should apologize. I am dog-sitting here at Duncan Lake, just south of Caledonia, Michigan. The summer is nearly half gone, and my life has become a convergence of too many things unfinished and too little of my actuarial life left to get it all done. Three days a week have been spent at the Grand Rapids Fulton Street Farmers Market where they claim 3000 people visit each day. As often as possible I greet people passing by my booth and try to lure them into a conversation about "worm poop and charcoal".
The house in Hastings is still headquarters for AbonoChar LLC, and the Wilkinson clan. We had a few wonderful weeks of visits from our out-of-the-state children, and got to hold our fourteenth grandchild, Svea Wren Wilkinson, of the Grand Canyon branch. The Minnesota branch gathered as well, and we were celebrating something or other nearly every day.
Costa Rica continues to provide daily adventures, and we may have many visitors next winter. I am much more diligent about my journals from C.R. that I call the "International GeoGrandpa" weekly photo-journals. There are about 75 "subscribers", and just enough of them say nice things about them to keep me busily recording. Perhaps the big difference is that an ordinary day in C.R. involves accomplishing only one thing, while life in the multi-tasking USA tends to travel at the pace of the March Hare.
I was more-or-less forced into learning how to develop an ecommerce web site BioPretaSuperSoil and if you don't know what that is just click on it and you will see what I built one piece at a time. It promotes my new product line that is supposed to help in a small way to save this planet.
The growers of "medical" marijuana are much better botanists than the outdoor gardener, partly because a good mother plant is worth thousands of dollars. Some of them have been a great help to me, although I'm not a customer of theirs. Here is a picture of some plants that have had remarkable growth as a result of using "BioPreta".
In time, the technology they are developing will spread into production of organic produce in the urban environment within walking distance of the consumer. Already there have been reports of a 90,000 square foot indoor farm in Chicago (FarmedHere)
Maybe I will be inspired to update my blogs.

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