Aug 3, 2009

Honduras, etc.

I hope that you have been following events in Honduras, as I have been. The situation in Honduras is the most serious threat to democracy in our hemisphere since Ronald Reagan. The mainstream news media seems to find tittilating entertainment figures more newsworthy.

In brief, the Honduran military General Valasquez (trained at our infamous "School of the Americas", at Fort Benning, Georgia) got miffed when he was fired by the Presidente (Zelaya)for refusing to obey an order, so he got a Supreme Court Judge to issue an arrest warrant. His overzealous underlings kidnapped the Presidente at gunpoint and put him on an airplane in his pajamas, and shipped him out to Costa Rica. In spite of a very vague Constitution allowing for three Vice Presidents, they had all quit, conveniently, to run for Presidente in November. That caused the next in line (Micheletti) to step up to the Presidency, however the rest of the world refuses to recognize the legitimacy of a succession created by a military coup. This has been a tiny bit of news now for a month and Zelaya is still trying to get back into Honduras.
(He is back now, under the protection of the Brazillian embassy)
Our USA position has been to allow the Latin Americans to sort this out by themselves in spite of us having 600 USA military troops stationed in Honduras since the reign of Ron Reagan and Ollie North, and our prior policy of domination and interference.

A recent tidbit, equally ignored, sheds some light on why it is taking so long for our USA State Department to declare this an official "military coup" which would require us to stop all funding of the illegitimate government. It seems that Mrs. Clinton is also the chair of Millenium Challenge, LLC which has been funnelling $6.5 million to the coup leaders since June 28. Hmmmm.

When we tell people that we spend our winters in Costa Rica, the first questions are about safety and security. This situation adds to the reputation of "banana republics" that has almost been wiped out. I hope that you are aware of Honduras.

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